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Sunday, January 7, 2018


"I am changing... I am changing..."

These words that Jennifer Hudson sings in a very powerful and moving song from the movie "Dream Girls" come to my mind when I think of the Church.

And, it's not just the words that make me think of the Church, but the timing in which she sings them in the movie is also significant to the season the Church is in right now. 

When Jennifer's character sang that song, it was the moment you realized that she may not actually handle her current circumstances they way she always had.  Oh, you hadn't seen her change, and at the time, none of us knew how significant her change would really be, but she was indeed - changing.

The words of the song were her definitive changing point.  Visually, she could have gone back to being the same old person, reacting the same way, and none of the viewing audience would have connected with or even paid attention to how poignant the song really was.

In that same manner... THE CHURCH IS CHANGING

And unless we, the Believers and Christians who are members of individual churches begin to move away from being the "same old people" who "react the same old way," no one will see that we - that YOU - are a significant part of that change.


And all month long, this January of 2018, you will see pictures of "baby feet" in all the church and sermon graphics.  The church is in a newness of life and development, that, like a newborn baby, must be nurtured, cherished, loved and raised up.

We can treat this newborn baby like one that is received with expectation and excitement by loving parents; or we can treat it like a surprise that was not the direction you were intending to go, but gladly and willingly readjust to, accept and prepare for.

But... I fear this change in the Church might be largely neglected like a newborn baby left on the Fire Station steps.  

A  Fire Station is a place designed to react and respond to emergencies.  Will you be a part of a Church that leaves the precious new life (the new life of the Church) that God has given to us on the door step of someone else that you think is "more equipped" to handle it?  

Will you leave and abandon the decision of a new life God has given to you to nurture; love; embrace and develop in YOUR house; in YOUR life and by YOUR own abilities; to a system someone else deems appropriate?


And in it's most simplistic definition of the word: the Church is a "called out body of Believers" - not a building; organization; service or denomination.


Are you changing the way you "do" church?"

In the 2018 Prophetic Consecration Service for The House of His Glory, God reveals the changes and the direction He desires for the Church in 2018 and going forward.  The Word is intended for anyone who listens (not just members). The word is for anyone who has an ear to hear.  

The word is for the Church body as a whole... the word is for you as an individual.

Will you watch?  Will you listen? Will you hear?  Will you believe?  Will you receive?

Will you step into more of God's power; purpose; prosperity; Grace and Glory?

Will you walk in the newness of the "baby feet" He has for your life and change with the Church... as the Church and through the glory of the Lord for the Church?

I am.


~Pastor D

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


If Christianity was like an island of life... (and it is)

... some would find it a rocky, difficult thing to get to, with no reason to try.
... some might struggle, thinking they would drown in the waters around it and go back.

But all of us who make it to salvation and know, Christianity is an island of life - we are separate unto ourselves; living in the world under a different classification of life.

That's what "consecrated" means.  That's what "holy" means.  We are separated unto God.


... some dangle with their feet in the water, struggling to stay on firm ground.
... some look back with longing, remembering life as being better on the shifting sand.
... and some look ahead with determination to climb the mountain of their lifestyle.

In doing so, they are meeting the requirements of their Christianity in a variety of ways:
  •  They go to church (maybe, sometimes or diligently)
  •  They give to their church (maybe, sometimes or faithfully)
  •  They try to remember to say grace before each meal (except at restaurants)
  •  They try to be kind, loving, compassionate and a good friend
  •  And they try to remove themselves from those who aren't (maybe)
  •  They try to remove sin from their lives - like lying, drinking, smoking, etc.
  •  They try to forgive others of their wrongs (maybe... sometimes)
  •  They try to be a good person... and trust their pastor to teach them how (kind of)
  •  And they pray to ask God to help them with their problems (kind of)
  •  They trust that God is sovereign, in control and on His Throne
  •  They trust that God knows their hearts and their needs
  •  They trust that all that happens, good or bad, is all in God's plan
  •  They hope God hears their prayers
  •  They hope God answers their prayers
  •  They hope God loves them and has forgiven them
  •  They know they're still a sinner and will still sin, and hope God still forgives them 
  •  They know that troubles will come and tomorrow is not promised
  •  But they hope they do enough to make it to Heaven to be with Jesus one day
  •  And they hope they don't commit the unforgiveable sin and God changes His mind
This is the mountain of Christianity that most Christians climb everyday. 
They call it "life."

But look at the picture at the top of this post once again...

Do you see the light that is shining within? 

That's the light of Christ living within you.
  • Does your light shine?
  • Does your light warm you?
  • Does your light protect you?
  • Does your light comfort you?
  • Does your light fill you?
  • Does your light provide a beacon of hope for others?
  • Does your light provide a beacon of direction for others?
  • Does your light burn HOT with the fire of the Holy Ghost?
That light is the light of Christ living within you.
  • You don't have to climb any part of the mountain to get to it by doing that list.
  • You don't have to be worthy of it to get to it. 
  • You won't lose access to it... the door to it is always open.
  • You won't lose access to it... it's always there and it's yours forever.
  • You won't have to fight to keep it.
  • You don't have to doubt it.
  • You can trust it.
That light is the light of Christ living within you.
That light is the righteousness of God that He's given you through Christ.

That light has all you'll ever need for "island living."
  • It has provision
  • It has protection
  • It has deliverance from the waters that will drown you
  • It has deliverance from the storms that will destroy you
  • It has deliverance from the predators that will attack you
  • It has refuge from the rocky, difficult places
  • It has stability from the sinking sands surrounding you
  • It has healing, prosperity and provides peace of mind
  • It gives you purpose
  • It gives you power
  • It gives you authority
  • It gives you control 
  • It gives you wisdom
  • It gives you all you need to live a life in Christ
That light is the light of Christ living within you.
That light is the Kingdom of God inside you...

Luke 17:20-21 "And when he [Jesus] was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God comes not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

The light of your island life in Christ is within you. So...

... just stop climbing.  Just stop trying.
... just receive the light and all that comes with it.
... just receive the Kingdom of God.

Living IN the light of the island of your Christianity means...
  •  You ARE the church
  •  You give to God to help build the church
  •  You live in Grace, under Grace and with favor, not under the law
  •  You are kind, loving, compassionate and a friend of the Lord
  •  And you pray for those who aren't
  •  You know you are dead to sin, forgiven of sin and no longer tempted by sin
  •  And you forgive others of their sins
  •  You know God has nothing but good for you and trust your pastor to teach you
  •  And you pray to ask God to help you in all things because He promised He would
  •  You know God is sovereign and on His Throne, but that He's given you dominion
  •  You trust God with all your heart and know He supplies your needs
  •  You trust that all that happens, good or bad, will work together for your good
  •  You know God hears your prayers simply because He loves you
  •  You know God answers your prayers simply because He hears them
  •  You know God loves you and has forgiven you once and for all
  •  You know you've been saved from sin and that the devil is the source of it all
  •  You know troubles will come but that no weapon formed against you will prosper
  •  You know you have the power to bring Heaven to Earth
  •  You know you'll make it to Heaven to be with Jesus one day 
  •  But you hope your loved ones will accept Jesus and join you there too
  •  And you hope the world learns the truth and change their minds about God
 And you know you don't have to work for any of it. So, don't try to do it by your own effort or your own understanding. "Lean not unto your own understanding..."

... just lean on the love of the Lord and enter in to the light of God's love for you.  
It's the light of Christ within you.

Power, love & peace, ya'll - 
~Pastor D

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Not many people know (or truly believe) that God Himself really did call me to Pastor, AND that He chose the name of this ministry - The House of His Glory.
  • He has called me to be a vessel of His Glory.
  • He intends that this ministry be a home for His presence.
  • He intends for each member to be a home for His presence.
  • He has called us all to be temples of the Most High God.
  • And as Christians, we are each the house of the Lord.
... whether we are Republican or Democrat.  

Christian Republicans are living victoriously these days - they are living comfortably in their spiritual homes.

While Christian Democrats seem to be afraid to even come out of the closet of a spiritual home that is sitting on a shaky foundation, ready to crumble around them.

There are Christian Democrats with "conservative" Christian beliefs - and God needs them to be strong representatives of the Truth of God and Jesus Christ in that political party.

And, there are Christian Republicans with "liberal" beliefs and the compassion of Christ for all people and God needs them to be strong representatives of the Truth of God in their political party.

WE need to come together in the unity of the faith.  WE need to come together, building our spiritual houses up on our most holy faith.  WE need to come together in one faith, one baptism and one Lord...

And when we do, we will truly come together in the manifest power that Jesus intends for His Bride, The Church - to provoke the world to love and good works, and not to anger, division, strife, racism and hatred!

-- I challenge Christian Democrats to start building their houses for the Glory of God.
-- I challenge Christian Republicans to begin rebuilding their houses for the Glory of God.
-- I challenge us both to help one another in Spirit and in Truth and in Love.

Power, love & peace - 
~Pastor D

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shark Tank Christianity


Do you know that show Shark Tank?

My family and I have learned a lot about the structure of business, increase, profitability and return on investments (ROI) because of watching this show.

There are certain key points to consider in determining whether or not a business is successful - and a successful business has a high percentage of being a sound and profitable investment.  Some of the things to consider are:

1.  Valuation: This is determined by the amount of money an owner has into the business (to start it, develop product, cost of inventory, current investors, etc.), then, take into consideration the annual revenue and the rate of growth over the duration of time the company has been in business. The greater the revenue the greater the valuation. 

In other words: What have you put into it, and what increase are you getting out of it?

2.  Profit:  A company's profit is determined by how much it costs to do business, make the product and pay all employees or investors, subtracted from what the consumer pays for the product or service.  The profitablity margin then is that space between what the consumer determines the product or service is worth and the actual production costs.

In other words: Is the consumer value of what you do worth more than the actual costs?

3.  Equity:  If you have someone willing to invest in that company, then their portion of the profit is determined by the equity the owner is willing to give them according to how much money the investor is willing to spend to buy a portion of the company.  So, if an investor spends $100,000 for 10% equity in a company, the company is valued at $1,000,000 and for ever dollar of profit the company makes, the investor will get 10% and the owner keeps 90%.

The other day I had my regular conversation with the Lord about ministry growth in terms of members and revenue coming into the ministry in relationship to the various ministries and services to the community that I'd like to do as a Church, but still cannot yet.

And, since it is our first ever "Outreach Month," and because in last week's service I mentioned we have a 90% tithing rate because of our small membership; I had two other thoughts that I added to my regular conversation about the Church finances: 
  1. How to reach more non-members with an understanding of Church partnership
  2. How to reach more members with an understanding of how tithing helps them
 Well, before I gave the Lord time to respond, I thought "Too bad we can't treat Church business more like an episode of "Shark Tank!"

And God said to my spirit: "Why don't you try?"

What, say what!?     ...ok, I'll try: 

In Luke 2:49, a young Jesus told his earthly parents that he needed to be about His "Father's Business."  At the time, He was found studying in the Temple with the Elders.

But by Acts 6:3, the Apostles tell the early church to appoint well-abled deacons to handle the "business of the church" while they attended themselves to prayer and the administration of the Word of God.

So - there is church business.  Any pastor who has started a new church plant with no assistance from a parent organization should know first hand, starting a church is exactly like starting a business. (And if they don't, they may have done it wrong!)

Jesus makes many parables relating the Kingdom of God to various aspects of business and money management.  One of my favorites is the "parable of the pounds" in Luke ch. 19 in which the Good Master says to his servants "occupy until I come."  To "occupy" means to "do business!"

If each Believer knew how to treat their Christianity as a business, then they too would have to take the principles of Valuation; Profit; Equity and ROI into consideration!

  • This is the Father's Business!  He is the "Parent Corporation" - pastors and their churches should be "Franchise Owners" operating eating establishments to feed you with knowledge and understanding. (Jeremiah 3:15)
  • You are both the consumer and the investor! Most investors in the Tank have more incentive to take an interest in the company when they have a connection to it. Do you like eating at your restaurant enough to pay your bill and tip well?
  • What Valuation do you give the Word of God (the product) and the Kingdom (the company)? Often times in the Tank, the Owner gives the company a higher valuation than the investor is able to see, or willing to accept.  But when the investor sees a valuation that is as high as the owner's, both know it's a win-win scenario! Well, God has a HIGH - if not PRICELESS - valuation on His Word, His Kingdom and The Church who is the BRIDE of His Son, Jesus! If you value the Kingdom enough to go to church and get fed as a consumer, do you feel the product is worth investing in the ability for others to come get fed as well?  Remember, this ratio can determine your profit margin!
  • The greater your valuation, the greater your profit!  Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."  When you value the Kingdom of God greatly and forgive in equal measure, forgiveness is given to you 30, 60, 100 fold. When you put a high value on the Kingdom of God and pray in equal measure, that which you are praying for will be given unto you beyond measure.  When you value the Kingdom of God as being priceless and you speak in equal measure to the lost and unbeliever about the treasure of God's word, you store up treasures in heaven so great than when poured out it cannot be contained! And when you give your tithe and offering according to the valuation you have of the Kingdom of God, you will receive finances, wealth and tangible resources in equal measure - poured out from your treasures in heaven!
  • That means your Equity is based upon what you put in and the percentage you've determined you'll withdraw.  God, the Owner of it all is asking for a 10th (a tenth) of your income in exchange for 100% equity in His company, the Kingdom of Heaven!
What!?  Those numbers are crazy!  But true...

 -  But if you've determined you cannot tithe at all - your financial and spiritual equity is based upon the measure of your giving.  And sorry, 0% of $0 is still... 0 (zero, zip, zilch, nada) - robbing God? Technically, you're robbing yourself!

-  But, if you've determined that you cannot really tithe, but you can give what you can, when you can or a little of what you make, then your return on investment is measured back to you a little bit at a time, here and there in equal measure to your ability to give.

-  But if you are determined to give 10% of all your increase, then your ROI is increased back to you 100%! You get 100% protection on the 90% of your remaining finances, so that the enemy will not devour it or devour you!

-  But... bringing your tithe AND offering according to Malachi 3:8 is over and above!  It speaks of not just trust in God, but it shows your investment into partnering with God for the growth and building of His Kingdom. Giving "over and above" shows you have an over and above valuation on all God's Word says, and God will measure it back to you over and above as well - opening his treasure in heaven like Malachi 3:10 says, and pouring you out a blessing - good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over! That's over and above 30, 60, 100 fold! That's the 1000 times greater of Deuteronomy 1:11! 

That's when you see your 10th (your tithe) and your over and above offering give you a 100% return on your investment!  Here's what you get:
  • 100% (or more) of your giving returned in your finances
  • 100% (or more) of an ability to be a blessing to others
  • 100% (or more) of an increase in the fruit of your righteousness (2 Cor. 9:10)
  • 100% (or more) of God's supernatural favor in all other areas of your life
  • And 100% credit before the Throne of God for that all your pastor and church are able to do for the Kingdom of God through your financial giving, prayers and support.
 God's numbers may not make sound business sense... 

But it sure does make dollars, cents, common sense and spiritual wealth for Christians to fully invest in the Kingdom of God and be about the Father's business His way!

Praying your power, love & peace, ya'll!
~Pastor D

Monday, October 2, 2017

Church: The Problem With The Answers

CHURCH: The buildings were so grand and received as much reverence as the Lord.

CHURCH: The organization was a sanctuary, respected by even those who didn't attend.

CHURCH: The Pastors were sought out and looked upon as having wisdom & authority.

The Church was once the moral compass in America; a haven for love, salvation and solutions to the ills and devastation of the world. 

And the world was the problem.

Now the compass spins wild.  America is a hot-bed of depravity and what the world offers as love, salvation or solution is accepted; what the church has to offer is rejected and what was once commonly accepted as immorality is subjective and defended.

And now, the church is the problem.

This Church, made up of human beings known as Christians... we are the problem. We have imploded upon ourselves with a spontaneous combustion brought on by the same problems as the world - because we didn't know we had the solutions for the world, and ourselves.
  •  Pastors and Priests succumbed to sin and the same immorality of the world
  •  Believers no longer believed the preachers, seeing them as hypocrites
  •  The power of the Word of God faded as faith in Church leaders faded
  •  Leaders began to doubt themselves as they normalized to be "relateable" 
  •  As leaders normalized, so did theirs and the problems of the church
  •  Solutions to those problems no longer came from the pastors going through them too
  • The world began to criticize the church for it's hypocracy
  • In response, the church condemned the world for its sin
  • The church no longer offered love, sanctuary and forgiveness as Jesus said to
  • The church became the detectives, judge, jury and convicting authority of sin
  • Pastors stopped preaching the free gift of righteousness by grace through Jesus
  • Pastors now teach the Christian list of "Rights & Wrongs" affected by our efforts
  • Pastors are promoted, leaders selected and politicians are elected by this list
  • And members, Churches, pastors and leaders are rejected by it as well
Sound bleak?  Yeah... in a way, it is.

This is how the church (lower case "c") has imploded on herself with carnal self-combustion.  We've let the world talk us into eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - deciding for ourselves, according to denominational authority what is "Right and Wrong" in the world, because of the world and in the church too.

And now, not only does the church not have the answers to the problems of the world (as if the world even wants the ones we think they do), the church cannot fix her own problems either.  

We are eating from the same tree as the world, while throwing fruit at them for eating it too!

But there are Churches (capital "C") that are arising in the ranks - globally and even denominationally in some cases (although sporadically) that are returning to the tree of life - eating from the truth of Righteousness, living a life like Jesus who came not to condemn but to save (John 3:17).  It is a Church that still strives to offer love, forgiveness and salvation.  These are the Churches with Pastors who are not afraid to walk in moral truth, while still loving, caring for and helping those who do not.

But these Churches are still made up of human beings, known as Christians... who are largely still conflicted by the ways of the world and The Way of the Word.
  • When these Christians no longer waver in doubt, not receiving anything (James 1:5);
  • when these Christians are no longer tossed by every wind of doctrine (Eph. 4:14);
  • when these Christians walk in unity, not separated by Reps or Dems (Eph. 4:13);
  • when these Christians do not just receive, but walk in righteousness (Acts 10:35);
  • when these Christians walk in true Spiritual Gifts to help others (1 Cor. 12:1-12);
  • And when these Christians walk in the fullness of all God has for us (Eph. 3:19);
...then and only then will WE, actually BE The Church... not "the church," and not "the Church," but "The Church!"  

The Church that is made up of Christians who understand who they are in Christ, is The Church who is able to solve their own problems through the Word of God, and BE the solution to the problems of the world as well!

Right now, unfortunately "the church" is the source of many  of the world's issues with religion.

But right now, more than ever, "The Church" is the only solution to all of the world's issues.

God has given His Church the answers to the problems of the world.  But so long as the enemy keeps the church (and the Christians who are her members), suffering from the same problems as the world - we will not be able to be the light of the world. 

Be the light, ya'll - be The Church.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Non is Not None!

"Non" is not "none" and none is not "no."

What does that mean!?

The other day my son came home from school and said that he'd mentioned to a classmate (at his Lutheran run Christian Middle-School), that his mother the Pastor was not a Lutheran, but non-denominational.  She had no idea what that meant and he seemed to not have a clear idea as to how to explain it.

And of course, I got to thinking - maybe there are others (many, many others) who don't know what "non-denominational" means either.

Let me first say, that there does seem to be a generally dismissive regard for any congregation that is non-denominational.  It's as if some Christians who belong to denominations feel as though the definition of the phrase "non-denominational" is equal to meaning: despicable, deceptive, deficient of Truth or just plain Democratic.

You see, I have been disregarded as even being a legitimate pastor when I say our congregation is "non-denominational."  I know first hand why Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church in Singapore, tells his people not to even answer the question with any thing other than "Bible Believing" or "Jesus loving!"

But let's look at the reason people ask in the first place... if they can identify which denomination your church belongs to, they can easily assume what you believe - beyond simply "the Bible" or that "Jesus is Lord."

This gives us a clue as to the definition of "denomination" and thereby, leads us in the direction of finding a definition of "non-denominational." Technically, the definition of a "Denomination" is an organization of Christians and churches who ascribe to the same belief system or structure.

In other words, Lutherans are Lutherans because they believe in the structure and teachings outlined and designated by the Lutheran church founders and it's governing board.
  • It's the same with Protestants,
  • and Catholics,
  • and Pentecostals,
  • and Baptists (Southern and Missionary),
  • and Mormons,
  • and Methodists, 
  • the Foursquare Church,
  • the Church of God in Christ,
  • and so many, many more!
The definition of their belief structure includes and implies "sameness."  A person gravitates towards a denomination because they look the same, believe the same, think the same or feel the same way about how to show reverence to God in a worship service.

But what one person gravitates to out of like-mindedness, is the same thing another person will reject because they disagree with it or don't understand it.

Therefore, those who are a part of one denomination, generally reject, exclude and do not believe that which another denomination does.  So as much as there is sameness and inclusion in a denomination, there is, by that same token, an almost equal amount of exclusion and disbelief.  And sometimes, that exclusion and disbelief will breed disdain and even discrimination.  It has even been the cause of deaths: just ask the Catholics and the Protestants.

Now I have to say, Universalists have created a denomination that includes everything. Their congregational structure and beliefs are based upon picking and choosing what they want to believe from many different denominations and religions, while promoting themselves as being all-inclusive, and rejecting, eliminating and excluding truths (generally only from Christianity) that they do not believe in or accept.

Therefore, a church that is non-denominational is one that does not function under a system of belief that fits a pre-described "religious" mold or belief structure of any one denomination in order to govern it's teachings or day to day organizational structure.

  • That does not mean that there is no structure. 
  • That does not mean there is no organization.
  • That does not mean there are no biblical systems of truth.
  • And that certainly does not mean there is no governing body.

Like I said, "non" is not none, and none is not no.

But what non-denominational is - and should always be - is a church organization that is inclusive of the whole word of God, governed by uncompromised biblical truths and lead by the Spirit of the Most High God, with a board or hierarchy of leadership that provides accountability and assures adherence to those practices.

That's The House of His Glory!
  • We believe what some denominations believe,
    •  and some of what they don't.
  • We believe what some denominations believe, 
    • but don't believe some of what they do.
  •  Simply put, if it's in the Word of God, 
    • then we believe it's true!

Non isn't none - it's ALL... of the Word of God
And none isn't no - it's ALL... of the promises of God and they are "yes."
(2 Corinthians 1:20)

- We say: yes to healing; yes to deliverance; yes to the gifts of the Spirit; yes to biblical prosperity; yes to speaking in tongues; yes to Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers and, yes to women in any of those offices.  

- We say yes to Salvation; yes to Righteousness; yes to Faith; yes to Grace; yes to Glory; yes to Power; yes to Jesus, yes to the Fruit of the Spirit and yes to the Kingdom of God.

Non-Denominational isn't none or no - it's yes to Truth!

Wishing you power, love & peace in Jesus Christ,
~Pastor D

Monday, September 11, 2017

Judge Not...

Hebrews 8:13 "Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever." 

Yesterday - 2000+ years ago, Jesus came NOT to condemn the world, but to SAVE it - (John 3:17). Why then if He is the same today, do we believe that America is being condemned or judged through terrorism, natural disaster or war? The Heart of Jesus is to save us from all these and more: yesterday, today and forever.

Unfortunately, many preachers and teachers today - especially very well-known ones - say that God is judging America.  They say that God has been judging America since 9-11.  And that all terrorism, war - and even the natural disasters the country is facing more and more, are all a result of God's judgement.

They say the world is being judged for abortion or for people turning away from God.  Odd, they never say these tragedies are a result of God judging America for racism, or hate crimes or judicial crimes against minorities!  If you were to actually apply this reasoning, it's as if they believe God picks and chooses which of the heinous acts of Americans he wants to punish then sacrifices the lives and safety of other Americans by way of many various devastations that He also chooses to inflict.

I know that sounds ridiculous when stated like that, but unfortunately, those who say that America is being judged just don't know what they are really saying.  These respected, renowned and honorable men and women of God don't realize that many of the people they may be speaking to are Christians who are still hurting and grieving the loss of loved ones during 9-11.  How then do they justify or find comfort in a God who would use the lives of their friends and family to punish they country we all love, live in and were working for?

Even though I don't know anyone personally who was a victim of 9-11, I find no comfort in thinking God is judging America - no matter what her many crimes may be.  They are crimes that are instigated through ignorance, or through the manipulation of the devil himself.  And God has most certainly already brought judgment against the devil through Jesus Christ by way of the cross.

And Jesus came to save.

However, God, who sent Jesus to save the world from sin by way of the cross, has also made Jesus the Judge of all mankind.  

Acts 10:42
"And he [Jesus] commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead."

Jesus is the Judge, but He didn't come to judge or to condemn but to save.  So how does this reconcile - especially when there is biblical proof that God has judged nations, and He continuously judged Israel and allowed them to be oppressed by pagan, heathen kings and countries for their crimes against God?

Yes, He did - but all before Jesus.  All of God's judgement was before the Holy Spirit came into the Earth through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Now, the Holy Spirit convicts men of sin - and if men will not be convicted of their sin and receive Jesus Christ - our God who gives all mankind free will, also gives men and women the free will to serve the enemy if they so choose.

Terrorists judge America.  Sinners pass laws that go against the Word.  Racists, bigots and people influenced by the devil perpetuate racism and hate.  And they will be judged as individuals, and nations will be judged and separated.  But not not today.  And not yesterday up to 2000+ years ago.

And God will not judge tomorrow either.  But there will be a day when Jesus will finally be that righteous Judge God has ordained Him to be.  

Acts 17:31
"Because he [God] hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead."

And in that day God will judge according to who accepted His son and who did not.  Those who did not will receive the wages of their sin and their decision - eternal death.  And those who have accepted Jesus, will not be judged for sin (our sin is forever dealt with the instant we accept Jesus).  Instead we will be rewarded for all that we did for Christ, whether great or small.  Jesus came not to condemn and in that day He will still not condemn those who believe in Him.

But until that day, God will continue to bless America - but only as Americans walk more and more in the blessings of our Father God and the freedom of serving Jesus.

America is blessed by the blessing of the Believers who are blessed.  As we pray for sinners, as we serve our country, as we love our neighbors, as we heal the sick, prosper the poor, teach against abortion and hatred, bring Jesus to the lost and share the truth of the Kingdom of God we are being a blessing to all peoples of our country.

But it's not our job to be the judge of sin, especially if Jesus isn't.  It's not my job as a true Christian or a Godly Pastor to determine what anyone's sin is - and so who am I then to judge what is the sin of this country?  

Either way, I am called to love and to be a blessing.  And so, when I say "God Bless America" I know that will only be fulfilled when I do what I'm called to and "true" Christians in America do too.

Power, love and peace to all, and may God continue to bless America
~Pastor D