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Thursday, September 24, 2015


There are many things we have a deep desire to succeed in.  A few of those desires vary for each of us - some want to succeed in relationships; some in education; some in mastering a sport or skill - like playing the guitar.

Of course, we ALL want to succeed on the job or in business because success in that area means more money, and more money means more of an ability to do the things in life we enjoy so that we don't have to work so much anymore!

And it seems as if this kind of success - no matter how much we strive for it, is so elusive, hard to obtain and full of challenges and obstacles.  Few of us succeed effortlessly - but we all know people who do - they are the ones who seem like everything always falls into place and comes easily to them.

Now, if that's you - that's great! But you know, the devil doesn't want you to succeed any more than the rest of us who struggle to do so!

And generally, that's the number one reason why we do struggle to succeed - opposition from the enemy! I know it doesn't seem like it but that's his trick from the garden: to separate us from God and keep us from succeeding in getting back to Him!

But when we do get back to God - when we do confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior and become a Born Again Believer - then the real attacks are launched against us.  And the devil doesn't want any of us to succeed in becoming WHO God created us to be; DOING what God purposed us to do and HAVING what Jesus died on the cross for us to have!

But thank God, that God is smarter than the devil!

God has designed you and me to BE like Him. Genesis 1:26-27 says we were created in His image and in His likeness; so all we have to do is succeed in BEING so that the DOING and the HAVING come easily.

As you succeed in being you, you WILL succeed in all other areas of life as well!
  • You will succeed in your relationships
  • You will succeed in your education
  • You will succeed in all your gifts, talents, skills and abilities
  • You will succeed in business, career and purpose
  • And you will have all the resources you need to truly ENJOY your life!
It all will come automatically, easily and without any effort at all when you succeed in you!

So, how do we succeed in being who God created us to be?  The Father is speaking to me about me even in the midst of me writing this to you.  He has already created us to be who we dream of being, and He's already given us the life we hop to live!
  • He's already created us with purpose
  • He's already gifted us with skills, talents and abilities
  • He's already blessed us with power and authority
  • He's already thought of our future and expected end
  • He's already called us, consecrated us, chosen us and elected us for the Kingdom of God
Now, how would you act if you believed that?  How would your life change today if you believed it today? No, maybe your relationships wouldn't change today.  Maybe you wouldn't show any success in your education today.  Maybe you wouldn't manifest any new gifts, skills, talents or abilities today.  And maybe you'd still be working the same job, wondering about your purpose and making the same money today.  And therefore you'd probably look around today and think, this is the same life that you don't really enjoy.

But God...

Or more specifically, but WITH God and the knowledge that with Him ALL things are possible and that He's already put all those possibilities in you. Then with God, TODAY, you can embark upon an amazing journey of discovering you:
  • Start discovering your purpose today
  • Start discovering your gifts, skills, talents and abilities today
  • Start discovering your power and authority today
  • Start discovering your future career today
  • And start enjoying the journey of discovery today!
How? By believing - no matter what you feel, how you feel, or what the circumstances of your life is today... Start believing today that God truly has already created you to BE somebody, to DO something and to HAVE everything the word of God says that Jesus died for you to have.

Your hope of success for your life is already yours because your ability to succeed in you is already in you!

And when you start to say to me, or to yourself: "But..." Then let me stop you with the words Jesus used when Jairus' servants told him not to bother with Jesus because that which he was hoping for was already dead...


Power, love & peace - ya'll!
~Pastor D

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